Employment Opportunities

Below you will find current internship openings with the Task Force. Internship opportunities are also open on a rolling basis for the fall, winter, spring and summer. No paid or full time positions are currently hiring within the Task Force.

Task Force Internship: Data & Analytics

The Greater New Orleans Human Trafficking Task Force (GNOHTTF) is a coalition of state, civil society, and citizen organizers committed to the prevention of human trafficking in the Greater New Orleans area through education, outreach, collaboration, and research. The group's primary goal is to collaborate in sharing and disseminating information, contacts, and protocols related to the existence, prevention, and response to human trafficking in and around New Orleans.

The GNOHTTF is seeking a reliable, self-motivated individual to support the Task Force’s data collection and evaluation efforts. The internship position will be managed and guided by the Task Force Coordinator. This internship is unpaid, and is available to be conducted remotely or onsite in New Orleans. Work hours and schedule can be flexible, with weekly meetings and activities during workday hours (9:00am-5:00pm central time) required. Required hours per week are flexible, and will depend on the intern’s school requirements or work. Applicants from a wide variety of disciplines are encouraged to apply: criminal justice, security studies, international studies, political science, mathematics & statistics, agriculture, and other related degree fields.

This internship will 1) provide the intern with a space to utilize data analysis to inform Task Force activities, 2) apply classroom research skills to a real-life context, 3) conduct data analysis to improve anti-trafficking response in the Greater New Orleans region. The intern will support the Task Force’s efforts to improve data collection and data analysis for human trafficking in the Greater New Orleans region. The intern will assist in identifying quantitative open-source data, and collaborating with Task Force leadership to analyze that data to identify high-risk industries, locations, etc. The intern should have demonstrated research and analysis skills, with an emphasis on quantitative data. The intern will be highly responsible, with the ability to work independently in a timely manner. The intern should have a keen interest in data, and an ability to creatively consider new and untapped data sources to improve the Task Force’s response to trafficking in the Greater New Orleans region.


  • Identify and analyze open source data on immigration, employment, crime, agriculture, law enforcement, and other disciplines;

  • Identify best-practices data collection tools, platforms, etc.;

  • Assist in the creation of risk assessments, threat assessments, vulnerability maps, and other tools;

  • Analyze and transform Task Force data to create user-friendly data points and graphics;

  • Create data collection tools and processes to improve Task Force data collection.

Core Competencies:

  • Demonstrated research experience

  • Excellent quantitative data analysis skills

  • Strong Microsoft Excel skills

  • Self-motivated with the ability to work effectively off-site or on-site

  • Experience using GIS and geo-spatial mapping programs a plus

  • Experience in the anti-trafficking field, law enforcement, or relevant field a plus

  • Advanced degree a plus

Opportunities as an Intern:

  • Network with service providers, law enforcement, and potential employers in the Greater New Orleans region.

  • Access U.S. Department of Justice, Office of Victims of Crime, and other federal agency webinars and training sessions on human trafficking response. Also welcome to attend training sessions or Task Force meetings associated with the GNOHTTF.

  • Hold flexible work hours with the potential to work remotely or off-site regularly.

  • Create a final product that will positively impact the Greater New Orleans community and provide you with a tangible product.

To Apply:

Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis until the position is full. Priority for Winter/Spring 2019 will be given to applications turned in by December 3rd, 2018. Email your resume, cover letter, and answers to the questionnaire attached with the subject line “Internship: Data & Analytics- (last name)” to: Leanne McCallum, Task Force Coordinator, at info@nolatrafficking.org.

For more information on the Task Force, please visit: www.nolatrafficking.org or find us on LinkedIn, Twitter, or Facebook.


1. In your own words, what is human trafficking?

2. Explain a project in which you used quantitative data to help demonstrate something. How did you find the data? How did you use the data to make your point?

3. What are vulnerable industries where people may experience trafficking? If you were trying to identify where trafficking could be happening in your community, what types of data would you seek?