WDSU: Human trafficking task force unveils new plan to help victims

Reporter Aubrey Killion of WDSU highlights the GNOHTTF’s “All Work, No Pay?” outreach and awareness campaign. Read the full article and view the news clip here. You can access the free outreach and awareness materials here.

Aubrey Killion, April 23, 2019

NEW ORLEANS — The Greater New Orleans Human Trafficking Task Force unveiled a new approach to fight the critical problem.

They have put together flyers and pamphlets for the public free of charge. They are available in seven languages.

Since 2016, the task force has helped more than 340 human trafficking victims.

The task force wants trafficking victims to know it's not just sexual abuse, victims can be exploited in other ways.

The pamphlets have a list of questions and resources for victims.

The task force encourages people to put the flyers and pamphlets up in churches, youth centers and businesses.

"We do have survivors who experienced familial trafficking. They were trafficked by a family member or a partner like a husband, boyfriend girlfriend, so those are some of the cases that we see quite regularly that I think the general public would be shocked to know is that a somewhat common place in the survivor experiences," task force coordinator Leanne McCallum said.

The National Human Trafficking hotline is 1-888-3737-888.

To access the free pamphlets, click here.