Human trafficking is when a person is forced, tricked, or coerced into doing sex or labor work. This includes work that may be considered illegal or informal, such as begging, doing odd jobs, or selling illegal items or sex. If your feel like you can't leave your job, or if you are being forced to sell sex, you may be a victim of trafficking.

We believe you. You have rights. Help is available now.

The Task Force partners with service providers across the Greater New Orleans region to make sure that victims and survivors of trafficking have all the services they need. Services available include:

  • childcare

  • legal services

  • educational and vocational training

  • medical & dental services

  • counseling & mental health services

  • criminal justice advocacy

  • 24-hour crisis/emergency response

  • ongoing case management

  • housing and shelter- emergency and long term

  • protection and safety planning

  • immigration services

  • transportation

  • more!

Resource Guides



 To access the services listed above, you can either:

  1. be referred to a Task Force service provider (Covenant House New Orleans *lead funded partner*, Eden House, New Orleans Family Justice Center, Jewish Family Service of Greater New Orleans) by law enforcement, legal service providers, or social service providers; or

  2. contact the Task Force directly for a referral to the correct service provider for the individual's needs.

Any person who has experienced trafficking is able to access Task Force-funded services, regardless of: immigration status, race, gender, age, when/where the trafficking situation occurred, how you make your money, etc. Children accompanying victims/survivors of trafficking are also eligible for these services.

For a list of housing options available in Louisiana, check out our "Louisiana Human Trafficking Survivor Housing Resource Guide".

For a list of services available in the Greater New Orleans region, check out our "Human Trafficking Survivor Services Resource Guide" .

For a 24 hour, toll-free national directory of services, information, and inquiries related to potential trafficking cases, services, and more*: National Human Trafficking Hotline: 1-888-373-7888 (TTY: 711)