Below you will find current opportunities to engage with the Task Force, including internship and volunteer openings with the Task Force. Internship opportunities are also open on a rolling basis for the fall, winter, spring and summer. No paid or full time employment positions are currently hiring within the Task Force.

Current openings:

  • GNOHTTF Survivor Advisory Board

  • GNOHTTF Focus Groups: Survivors and Affected Communities

  • GNOHTTF Fall 2019 Community Engagement Internship

Survivor Advisory Board 2019

The Greater New Orleans Human Trafficking Task Force is opening membership for its survivor advisory board. To ensure that our work is survivor-centered and survivor-informed, we have formed a dedicated survivor advisory board, which meets for two hours at least twice a year to advise on goals, processes, gaps, collaborations, and community confidence-building. Each of the voluntary members will receive a small stipend for their participation. Beyond those eight selected members, other survivors are welcome to attend and participate. The work of the committee will be focused on survivor expertise, not on therapy or personal experiences. The names of the members of the board will not be published unless the members specifically request to be public about their participation.

We are seeking self-nominations and recommendations for potential members of the committee. Members must self-identify as a survivor of human trafficking, live in the Greater New Orleans region, and not currently be involved in any ongoing trafficking-related litigation. We are using the legal definition of trafficking to guide our advisory process – people who have experiences of being compelled to work through force, fraud, or coercion, or people who engaged in the sex trade under the age of 18.  Membership must represent the diverse range of trafficking experiences and New Orleans community populations. All members will have to commit to membership for at least one year, attending two meetings a year.
Please send all recommendations with name and contact information to Dr.Laura Murphy via email.

Focus Groups: Survivors and Affected Community Members

The Task Force will be conducting focus groups aimed at gaining input from communities of survivors and communities who experience a higher risk of trafficking. These focus groups will target two particular issues -- long-term wellness outcomes for survivors of trafficking, and increased collaboration with affected communities. The focus groups will help us to develop or adopt a tool for measuring long-term outcomes for survivors and to build a collaboration strategy for the task force. This will also help us understand how we can better serve folks who haven't traditionally been served by the Task Force. Please click the buttons below to find flyers for the focus groups that we will be hosting for Phase 1 of the GNOHTTF evaluation plan. 

Please feel free to share these flyers with relevant organizations, community groups, clients, and stakeholders who be interested in participating. We have flyers that are directed at survivors of labor and sex trafficking, and flyers directed at affected communities (LGBTQ+ youth, immigrant laborers, and sex workers). We want to ensure that we have fair representation from people served by the task force and those not served. 

 All participants will receive a $25 gift card for their participation. Only 18 years old and older may participate. All information shared will be anonymous.   

Focus group dates: 

  • Immigrant laborers: June 4

  • LGBTQ Youth: June 5

  • Labor trafficking survivors: June 11 

  • Sex trafficking survivors: June 12

  • Sex workers: August 6

To register, visit  bitly.com/notaskforce

Fall 2019 Internships:
Community Engagement Internship

The Greater New Orleans Human Trafficking Task Force (GNOHTTF) is a coalition of state, civil society, and citizen organizers committed to the prevention of human trafficking in the Greater New Orleans area through education, outreach, and collaboration. The group's primary goal is to collaborate in sharing and disseminating information, contacts, and protocols related to the existence, prevention, and response to human trafficking in and around New Orleans.

The Task Force is seeking a reliable, self-motivated individual to support the Task Force’s social media and community engagement efforts. The internship position will be managed and guided by the Task Force Coordinator. This internship is unpaid, and will be conducted in New Orleans. Work hours and schedule can be flexible, with weekly meetings and some outreach activities during workday hours (9:00am-5:00pm central time) required. This internship will 1) provide the intern with experience working within the domestic US anti-trafficking movement, and give insight into the process of creating community partnerships and expanding social media networks. The internship duration will span the fall of 2019, and will tentatively begin in mid-August.

The intern will support the Task Force’s efforts to share community resources and engage with community partners in the Greater New Orleans region. The intern will identify and liaise with potential community partners, support social media content creation, and participate in outreach activities. The intern should be self-motivated, with the ability to successful complete tasks remotely or offsite.


  • Outreach and liaison with Greater New Orleans area potential community partners

  • Distribute and monitor outreach materials, including social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter

  • Participate in community events and in-person outreach activities

  • Create social media content and outreach materials

Core Competencies:

  • Demonstrated background knowledge on human trafficking and the anti-human trafficking movement

  • Strong communication and collaboration skills

  • Established social media capabilities, including the creation of content and management of accounts

  • Excellent Microsoft Office suite skills, familiarity with Google Drive

  • Self-motivated with the ability to work effectively from a remote location

  • Content creation and graphic design (IE: creating flyers, etc.)

  • Experience in non-profit or social services setting a plus

Opportunities as an Intern:

  • Network with service providers and potential employers in the Greater New Orleans region from organizations in a variety of social service provider movements, including: anti-trafficking, domestic violence/sexual assault, homelessness, foreign national and refugee services, and more.

  • Access to U.S. Department of Justice, Office of Victims of Crime, and other federal agency webinars and training sessions on human trafficking response. Also welcome to attend training sessions or Task Force meetings associated with the GNOHTTF.

  • Create a final product that will positively impact the Greater New Orleans community and provide you with a tangible “fruit of your labor”.

To Apply:

Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis until the position is full. Priority will be given to applications turned in by July 10th, 2019. Email your resume, cover letter, and answers to the questionnaire attached with the subject line “Community Engagement Internship- (last name)” to: Leanne McCallum, Task Force Coordinator, at info@nolatrafficking.org.

For more information on the Task Force, please visit: www.nolatrafficking.org or find us on LinkedIn, Twitter, or Facebook.