The Task Force was started in 2015 with a number of community members committed to combating the crime of human trafficking. Since it was awarded an Enhanced Collaborative Model to Combat Human Trafficking grant in 2016, it has expanded its efforts within the Greater New Orleans community.



January/February 2016

  • US Attorney Loretta Lynch visits Covenant House and hears first-hand accounts from local victims of human trafficking.
  • U.S. Department of Justice awards Covenant House and Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office with the Enhanced Collaborative Model to Combat Human Trafficking grant.

March 2016

  • First general Task Force meeting was held on March 2, 2016 at the US Attorney’s Office in New Orleans. The meeting included over 100 attendees representing 48 agencies from the New Orleans metro region.

April 2016

  • Launched monthly Survivor Services, Law Enforcement, and Training & Evaluation Committees.

May 2016

  • Law Enforcement all-day training. Organized in collaboration with Orleans Parish Sheriff’s Office and Future’s Without Violence (52 attendees representing 17 agencies).
  • New Orleans CAC launched Human Trafficking Multi-Disciplinary Team Case Review in collaboration with FJC, Orleans DA, DCFS, NOPD, Juvenile Courts, and GNO HT Task Force.

June 2016

  • Developed Louisiana Child Sex Trafficking Identification Tool in collaboration with Louisiana Supreme Court Human Trafficking Working Group, LA State Police, DCFS, HP Serve, and others.
  • Held second general task force meeting. Over 65 in attendance representing 40 agencies.

August 2016

  • 34 Law Enforcement Agencies and 49 Survivor Services Agencies are regularly attending Task Force meetings.
  • Developed shared training repository and calendar in collaboration with the Sexual Assault Response Team (SART) and the Domestic Violence Advisory Committee (DVAC).

September 2016

  • Loyola University’s Human Trafficking Community Assessment Survey completed. Main issues identified are lack of housing and legal representation for victims; and a need for greater understanding of trauma-informed investigations and response.

December 2016

  • Task Force Partners reported assisting 94 victims of labor and/or sex trafficking between February and December 2016.
  • Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office, HSI, NOPD, and FBI reported 119 investigations, 124 potential victims of labor and/or sex trafficking identified, and 32 trafficking related arrests between February and June 2016.