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Webinar: Rethinking Representation of Human Trafficking

The GNOHTTF's Task Force Coordinator, Leanne McCallum, will be presenting a webinar through the Minnesota Safe Harbor Network. This training is "Rethinking Representation: Framing Human Trafficking". This 2 hour webinar specifically for professionals in the anti-trafficking field- particularly those who conduct outreach, awareness, and training.


Representation is “the description or portrayal of someone or something in a particular way or as being of a certain nature”. This training explores how the anti-trafficking movement represents human trafficking in its public awareness efforts via visual media, stories and testimonies, and data and statistics. By the end of the training, participants will be able to identify common missteps and promising practices to utilize a trauma-informed, survivor-centered approach to authentically sharing information about human trafficking.


  • Explore what “representation” means and how human trafficking practitioners use it and why it’s important

  • Identify common missteps within the mainstream human trafficking representation and where those ideas originated

  • Discuss promising practices in representation of trafficking

  • Consider how to apply this to our own organizations

RSVP information TBD.